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Electric car to power your home with solar
Published: December 2, 2011
Nissan sees the future of solar energy. Having developed the most powerful and safe battery system (arguably) in the world, they've now seen that the opportunity now exists to scale production by offering the system as a backup power system for your house. Currently they are testing the concept in their own head office, a masterpiece in sustainable building design.
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Nissan is walking the talk. Their head office in Japan incorporates green features like a green roof, rain water collection, and magnifying lenses that direct light throughout the building. With the development of their Nissan Leaf electric vehicle they've added enough solar panels to the roof to power several electric vehicles at one time. On top of that they've used four of the vehicles lithium battery packs as a storage system for the solar generated electricity. Check it out.

Nissan's global headquarters in Yokohama harnesses engineering innovation to reduce its impact on the environment. It recently installed a new solar power and storage battery system for electric vehicles, allowing you to charge up your car at the building whatever the weather. But how is this possible? Nissan Technology Magazine TV's Erika Yokoyama reports on how Nissan is cutting down its own carbon footprint and taking our world one step further towards zero emission mobility.

Nissan Technology Magazine (NTM), through reports and interviews with experts both within Nissan and around the world, will take a look at these advances, and attempt to paint a picture of what the "Future of Mobility" might look like.

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