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Solar that Works All Night with Grid Based Battery Storage
Published: April 2, 2012
Just imagine if a battery could store all of the solar energy your solar panels collected each day. Then, when the sun goes down, or the clouds roll in, you'd still have all the electricity you need. That day has arrived. Electrovaya is testing a 1.5 MW lithium ion battery on the Arizona power grid.
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Grid based electricity has two major challenges. First, distribution over long distances currently results in 10% of the electricity being wasted in line losses before it ever reaches the device that needs the energy. Second, the development of large multi-thousand megawatt power plants (typically coal and nuclear), result in periods of the day where too much power is produced and periods of the day where peak demand requires far more than these plants are designed to handle (they can't just be turned off with the flight of a switch). With the development of large scale transition to renewable sources of energy these two large challenges are being overcome. Not only that you can invest and reap the benefits. Renewables like solar, wind, hydro, wave, and geothermal produce energy locally where it is needed, thus eliminating the 10% losses. With the development of battery systems to store energy, dealing with peaks and valleys in energy demand can be managed cost effectively and flexibly.

The announcement by Electrovaya of delivery of their large 1.5 MW lithium battery marks a pivotal moment in the transition to distributed renewables. This large 1.5 MW battery could easily power your entire home for over a month without any grid electricity supplied. Imagine when all of our houses and apartment buildings are fitted out with these battery systems. Add in our electric cars, and you've got a distributed electricity system that runs reliably and economically on 100% renewable energy. These are exciting times as humanity makes the transition, albeit haltingly, from fossil/nuclear non-renewables, to 100% renewable energy and 100% renewable resources.

VIDEO: See the new 1.5 MW lithium battery being installed in Arizona, on the grid

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