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Solar Electric Transit Bus Comes to North America
Published: May 9, 2012
Imagine a large 12 meter long bus, quietly humming down your street, roof covered with solar panels, electric motor driven and running entirely on clean renewable energy. Well these buses are available and operating today in China. Now they are coming to North America reports the CBC.
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As BYD's first pure electric bus, the Electric Bus employs many advanced technologies developed by BYD for a future powered by renewable energy. For example, The iron ("Fe") (rather than lead or lithium) based electro chemical battery used on Electric Bus is non-polluting, and the chemical materials contained in the battery can be recycled. The solar cells installed on top of Electric Bus can supply more power to supplement the Fe battery. Regenerative breaking also improves the efficiency of the electric bus system. Electric drives for transportation can be up to 60% more efficient when compared to combustion engines which largely produce heat that is wasted.

The Electric Bus is able to run 155 miles (249 km) on a single charge in urban conditions (without solar contribution), more than enough for daily public transportation. The energy consumption of the Electric Bus is less than 100 kWh per 60 miles. The bus can be charged rapidly using 240 and 480 volt charging stations. When combined with renewable energy these transit buses will provide a completely pollution free transit system that will be far more reliable than conventional combustion engine buses.

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