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Soil is the answer

Posted on Dec 4, 2017

Time to get dirty in the soil

Soil carbon sequestration is the key to solving the climate change challenge. Tony Lovell explains the reasoning behind how more green growing plants means more captured carbon dioxide -- more water -- more production -- more biodiversity -- more profit. Did you know that a 1% change in soil organic matter across just one-quarter of the World's land area could sequester 300 billion tonnes of physical CO2.

Soil booster

At Wastenot Farms building healthy soil is every day business. Wastenot has been collecting food waste in Toronto for five years. Green Bins Growing rescues food waste from landfill, feeds it to worms and then harvests the worm manure to create Jocelyn's Soil Booster plant food.

Worm manure does more than increase seed germination, plant root & leaf sizes and fruit yields. It replenishes soil with carbon, nutrients and microbes. Microbes create stimulating plant growth phytohormones that increase photosynthesis, drawing more atmospheric carbon down into the soil and further feeding microbes to create a positive feedback loop.

How it works

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Wastenot Farms Green Bins Growing service

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World soil day backgrounder video

Time to get into carbon farming. Soil is critically important for the production of food in the future but also in our need to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Soil carbon sequestration provides the key to bring concentrations down from 400ppm back down below 350 ppm.

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